Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today, I Voted...*

Today I voted against fear and cynicism,
against a system that casts doubt about whether or not my vote will be properly counted.
I voted for hope, and for change.
I voted against staying up late nights wondering what has happened to my country,
against witch hunts and witch doctors.
I voted for freedom and opportunity, and for the health of mothers, soldiers, children, and the elderly.
I voted for science and the arts, and against our children endlessly filling in circles with number 2 pencils for their entire school careers and calling that an education (although I do, seriously, LOVE a freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil).
I voted against attack-ads, and calling tax cuts for the middle-class "welfare", and against those whose only interest in Israel is it's supposed involvement in the "End of Days".
I voted for unity, and I voted for the notion that this country can once again be an inspirational beacon to the world, rather than a bitterly delivered punchline.
I voted against indefinite imprisonment and a government that spies on it's own citizens.
I voted for paper ballots and accountability and liberty.

Do the right thing. Vote.

*actually, I voted a couple days ago, but finally got around to posting today.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

We have to protect the polar bears by making sure they're kept off the endangered speices list...

Christ, it's been so long that it took me about fifteen minutes to remember my Blogger password. It's just that between the vacation we took earlier, dealing with various frustrating home repairs upon our return, and the discovery of Hulu, I've just had no time to spare for you, dear reader.

But I'm dragged reluctantly back into the Blogosphere by this video. It's not genius, by any means, and it's a little misogynist, but then, the same could be said with regards to Sarah Palin herself.

Is Sarah Palin amazing, or what? She's got the looks of Barbie, the intellect of Malibu Stacy, and now a wardrobe to beat them both. Is there anything intolerance and a lack of intellectual curiosity can't do for a gal?

OK, I assume it's obvious by now that I'm out of shape and winded. I'll get back to you soon.
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