Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Random Eleven - Too much 90's?

It appears I have to get more new music. Or older music...

1) 24,900 Miles Per Hour - 7 Year Bitch.
One of those Seattle bands the industry drug (dragged?) up in the 90's. Coincidentally, Marge and Homer are telling the story of how they got through the 90's. Pretty lame, actually.

2)Black Hole - Beck.
I love this song, except the last 2 minutes of wacky laser sounds make me feel like my guts are turning inside out. Subsequently, although I listen to this song a lot, iTunes shows zero plays.

3)Big Long Now - Nirvana.
Funny, Homer is dressed up as Kurt Cobain. Love the old stuff.

4)Stumbleine - Smashing Pumpkins.
Holy crap...all 90's far.

5)My Doorbell - White Stripes.
Finally, something from this century. Some people think Meg is not a good drummer. These people are jealous wankers.

6)Alone I Break - Korn.
I like these guys...not sure why. Maybe because they were on South Park?

7)Evil - Interpol.
In general, I am not all that big on Interpol. I really like this song, though.

8)Something Against You - Pixies.
Back in the 90's again. Totally worth it. This song, hell, all of Surfer Rosa, is sublimely, insanely awesome.

9)Earthcrosser - Veruca Salt.
They're more than just "Seether". I'm still looking for their Blow It Out Your Ass EP. Lemme know if you find one.

10)Septopus Theme - Brendan Small (Home Movies).
Beware the might Septopus!

11)Snake - PJ Harvey.
I going out rocking. Hard. Teh awesome!

Listening to: Porno For Pyros - Pets
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At 15 March, 2009 16:44, Blogger Lyvvie said...

My Doorbell is my favourite White Stripes song. So good.


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