Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Random Eleven

Boy oh boy - I gots me some fresh downloads this week, so here's hoping one or more of them come up!

1)The New Style - Beastie Boys.
God help me, I like these guys. This one is short and sweet, and off of the "No Alternative" CD, so it's better than the one on "Licensed To Ill".

2)Life Wasted - Pearl Jam.
I used to know a girl who had a stalker-style crush on Eddie Vedder. Last I heard she was a practicing lesbian...I'm not sure what, if anything, that means.

3)The Guide - Borne.
Free on iTunes...not sure I got my money's worth.

4)Drivin' on 9 - The Breeders.
It just goes to show the sorry state of country music that the best country songs in the past couple of decades have been written by Kim Deal and Beck ("Rowboat").

5)Do You Realize? - Flaming Lips.
My favorite part of the movie 50 First Dates is the part where this song plays just seconds before the car crash. It was a little flash of high an Adam Sandler film?!?

6)Drain You - Nirvana.
The production on Nevermind is among the best I've ever heard. There is not a weak song on the album; it's one of the best ever.

7)Freight Trane - John Coltrane.
Man, did white people ruin jazz or what?

8)50 Foot Queenie - PJ Harvey.
She is crazy...which is probably why she's so damn awesome.

9)I've Seen the Land Beyond - Beck.

OK, this is actually more folk than country, but this song still speaks to the point I made earlier.

10)Alala - CSS.

I hear these guys all the time now - iPod commercials and movie trailers. And the video is awesome.

11)One Beat - Sleater-Kinney.

Great song. Here's what Carrie Brownstein has been up to since the band's gone on indefinite hiatus.

Well, none of my new downloads came up today...I guess maybe I'll have to do a special post about them later. Or not. We'll see.

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